Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Kevlar®?

How long will it take to spray my bedliner?

Our process takes about 3-4 hours for a standard truck bedliner. For a full vehicle exterior, expect to be without your vehicle for about 4-5 days.  Vehicle interiors take 2-3 days.

What type/brand of product do you use for your bedliner?

We use a high pressure polyurethane blend to spray our standard truck beds. Different products will be used according to the needs of the application. Our product has built in UV protection built into it to reduce fading and wear. Our products were chosen after years of testing and using the product that performed the best.

Do you use the same process/product/material as the dealer bedliners?

LBH goes through a thorough and complete process that rivals if not exceeds any top bedliner installers process. Dealer bedliners come with a warranty matching the truck. Our warranty is lifetime. You won't have to deal with the dealership and wait weeks for repair if something were to happen to your liner. With us you will get a superior bedliner at a fraction of the cost at a dealership.

We've relied on honesty, hard work and never letting our customers leave unhappy. LBH Liners and Coatings will put our products and processes under any test and we are always looking for ways to improve.

What is the cost to do an full exterior of a vehicle?

Every vehicle exterior has its own set of variables such as color, spraying bumpers, door jambs, interiors etc, that affects the price. Price can differ greatly if a customer wants to get a simple deer lease vehicle covered or get the exterior of a brand new Jeep with door jambs coated with a custom color. Give us a call at (713) 922-1587 for your custom quote.

Will my new bedliner fade over time?

At this time we do not spray Kevlar or add Kevlar to our bedliner. We have not found any independent research that suggests adding Kevlar to bedliner makes it any stronger than it already is. Kevlar fibers work together in series of threads in clothing to produce the bulletproof qualities the Kevlar name is known for. Until it can be proven that Kevlar fibers provide added value such as noticeable strength increases or color retention, we will not jack up prices to apply it. Therefore, we wont be adding Kevlar to our bedliner. We are always learning and keeping up to date on advances and best practices in the industry but to our knowledge, adding or spraying Kevlar will not add any noticeable value to our customers.

Alternatively, every full exterior we spray gets a clear UV resistant topcoat. This prevents fading, making the vehicle easier to clean and more durable.

Do you offer a warranty on your liners?

Our warranty is simple: if there are any issues, bring it back to us and we fix it. No limited warranty or fine print. If the liner ever fails in some way we want to know about it.

The short answer, yes. The paint, plastics, lights etc, on your vehicle will fade if left in the sun for long periods of time. There are some things to combat fading such as garage parking your vehicle at home and work. This will greatly reduce fading issues and prolong the deep black look of the bedliner. If you cant garage park your vehicle at home or work, then getting our clear UV resistant topcoat is recommended. The best solution to make sure your bedliner is always a nice deep gloss black is a tonneau cover. This will eliminate all fading issues. We carry just about any tonneau cover for your truck and will even offer a package deal if you get the bedliner and cover at the same time.

Why Choose LBH Liners and Coatings?

  • Veteran owned and operated.

  • Every truck bed and vehicle that comes to our shop goes through a complete process that makes sure your bedliner is going to last and also that your vehicle is not harmed with over-spray while in our care. No shortcuts are taken on any our customers' vehicles; no matter the size of the project.

  • LBH is one of the only stand alone bedliner shops in the Houston area. Our complete focus in spraying your bedliner or vehicle.

  • We have thousands of satisfied customers and businesses all over Texas. Our online reputation speaks for itself.  Look us up on Yelp, Facebook and Google.